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Brilliant Ice BlastingTM

Industrial Cleaning Industrial Surface Preparation Industrial Painting
Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting can be compared to sand blasting and bead blasting where the meduim is accelerated by pressurised air to clean a surface. But this us where the comparison ends.
Sponge blasting is a new environmentally-friendly commercial and industrial cleaning and surface preparation technology.
It’s the application of surface covering; preserving, protecting and functionally enhancing untreated and treated surfaces and structures including all required pretreatments. Industrial paint has two purposes:




Brilliant BlasterTM

Dry Ice International is proud to introduce the Brilliant Blaster™ – a dry ice blasting machine designed and maintained in South Africa for specialised industrial cleaning.


Engineered according to the highest technical specifications, the Brilliant Blaster™ provides both the commercial- and industrial industries with a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning alternative to traditional abrasive blasting methods, hazardous chemicals and high-pressure hosing.