Brilliant Blaster™ mini

Brilliant Blaster™ mini overview

The Brilliant Blaster™ mini is designed to function on a very low air supply. Engineered according to the highest technical specifications, the Brilliant BlasterTM Mini provides the light commercial and industrial industries with a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning alternative to traditional cleaning methods, hazardous chemicals and high-pressure hosing.

Proudly South African

The Brilliant Blaster™ is designed and built in South Africa by an experienced team of mechanical engineers and artisans, taking cognisance of harsh working environments in Africa.

Low Air Requirements

Requirements for normal dry ice blasting machines are between 180 cfm and 400 cfm at 7 bar. This machine operates at between 20 cfm and 100 cfm at 7 bar.

Low Noise Levels

Operation is at sound levels as low as 75 dB, which makes it possible to work without hearing protection, or in areas where other people are present.

Light in Weight

The lightest and most manoeuvrable blasting machine available! The machine weighs just 29 kg. The dimensions are H610 x W480 x D550 mm. It can easily be transported in a car and handled by one person.


It is extremely economical in terms of dry ice consumption, which is as low as 10–30 kg/hour.

Single Hose

The machine uses a single hose system, which makes the work of the operator much easier. It is equipped with a lightweight 5 m blast hose, with a diameter of 12 mm.


The machine is equipped with two flat aluminium nozzles. The sizes are 3 mm and 5 mm and are specifically designed for low air flow. For optimal performance under 35 cfm airflow, the flat 3 mm nozzle should be used and the dry ice size should be 2.2 mm or smaller. Should the standard 3 mm dry ice pellets be used, the 5 mm flat nozzle is recommended.


“Off balance sheet” financing is available for the purchasing of the machine.


The Brilliant Blaster™ mini is ideal for the cleaning of lighter mining equipment, electrical panels, installations and surfaces.


With no water or chemicals required, the Brilliant BlasterTM mini can be used to clean smaller stator and rotor windings on electrical motors and light switchgear.


The machine is perfectly suited for the automotive industry where steam, water or solvent cleaning may cause damage to electrical and control circuits in car and truck engines. Other applications are blast cleaning of engine blocks and accessories, pistons, coils, cylinder heads, alloy wheels, electric sensors, computer components and general maintenance. It is also ideal for cleaning car interiors.


The Brilliant BlasterTM mini is ideal for the cleaning of moulds or smaller and more delicate equipment.


With no water or chemicals required, the Brilliant Blaster™ can be used to clean stator and rotor windings, DC armatures and pole rings, switchgear and transformers.


The machine is ideal for smaller printing companies. Cleaning of printing press side frames, gripper bars, roll ends, delivery units and ink pumps becomes easy.

Kitchens and Bakeries

The Brilliant BlasterTM mini can be used for general clean-up, baking trays and ovens. It is also ideal for cleaning food processing equipment to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella Enteritidis, E.coli and Listeria monocytogenes.


As it uses a dry cleaning process, the machine is ideal for use in AMO workshops to clean light aircraft engines, without the challenge of dust and effluent during and after the cleaning process. It can also be used to clean aircraft interiors.


Dry Ice International does deliveries countrywide on a 24-48 hour basis. Dry ice may be ordered on our website and delivered to your doorstep. Dry ice can also be collected at any of our retail outlets.

The Brilliant Blaster™ mini Brochure

Download the full Brilliant Blaster™ Brochure here