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April 19, 2018
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June 25, 2018

Dry Ice for Sale in Durban

Find Quality, Affordable Dry Ice in Durban

Looking for a dry ice supplier in Durban? Allow us to be of assistance. Our dry ice is available nationwide and we supply all industries with top quality products.

dry ice international

Dry Ice International is responsible for the manufacturing of high-quality dry ice products. These are available in all shapes and sizes and can be used for all sorts of purposes. We not only deliver dry ice to Durban, but we transport our products across the country while also providing the dry ice to nations surrounding South Africa. We offer our service throughout the year, with product manufacturing and delivery working seamlessly.

Along with manufacturing dry ice, we also specialise in dry ice blasting, which is one of the most effective cleaning methods out there. Nothing cleans quite like dry ice blasting. The sheer force produced by the machinery as well as the effectivity of the dry ice can quickly clean just about any surface. Factory and warehouse floors, as well as the busy Durban harbours, can all benefit from dry ice blasting.

Much like sandblasting, when using dry ice in Durban to keep your surfaces sparkling, you are guaranteed to have the outcome you are looking for. Where sandblasting and dry ice blasting differ, however, is that dry ice is a whole lot safer. It won’t chip or damage surfaces and it also won’t leave behind any liquid or abrasive solution. Once the dry ice has been dispensed, instead of turning to a liquid, it dissipates into a gas which simply drifts away.

Dry Ice Blasting Machinery

With the right machinery, such as those available from Dry Ice International, will get the job done properly. Unlike the other types of dry ice on the market, the type you need when cleaning is dry ice pellets. These small grains are perfect for getting into the smallest of spaces and they will do no harm to anything you have on the floor, such as plug sockets or even cables.

This again is a massive benefit and a great reason for using dry ice blasting. Your electrical outlets and appliances stay safe.

We manufacture pellets in all sizes, and according to the highest standards. While we do import quality products, we mostly manufacture the equipment and dry ice products right here in South Africa. Of the products we produce, we do everything in-house, including development and the final building and testing of the product.

Our products are a perfect combination of our expertise and an integration of the constant developments within the industry. We have some of the world’s best technology at our disposal and we produce nothing but the most superior dry ice for our clients.

Buy Dry Ice in Durban

Regardless of what you need dry ice for, we have the products for you. And we are dedicated to always providing quick delivery. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.