INTELblast IBL4000

Intelblast 4000 overview

With the IBL 4000 INTELblast has taken the most advanced technology and decades of user experience into creating an unprecedented strong and user-friendly blaster. Attention is on trouble-free operation with maximum cleaning performance. We are sure that you will and this indistinguishable from magic.

Remote control of pressure and dry ice feeding

Sensors and other sensitive components require an adjusted pressure. With the remote control at hand, there is no need to go back to the machine for regulation.

Adjusting the dry ice feed as you work, allows not only ideal cleaning, but also a way to op timise the correct consumption. Giving an important saving on consumables.

Wireless on/off

The IBL 4000 has a built-in wireless on/off micro switch offering the strongest and most durable dry ice gun on the market Thus avoiding unnecessary down-time due to repair of connectors and wiring.

1 inch all the way through

For high power cleaning and to eliminate any destruction of the ice pellets, the IBL 4000 comes with a true 1 inch feed all the way from the connections to the gun/nozzle, thanks to specially manufactured couplings.

Well known advantages

The IBL3000 of course has all the features that are known from the IBL4000. Large flat free tires, true 1 inch air flow through all parts, all FESTO components and 7 meter hose of your choice (lightweight PU or technical rubber).

Intelblast 4000 Brochure

Download the full Intelblast 4000 Brochure here