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October 13, 2017
Dry Ice for Sale in Durban
May 22, 2018

Sparks Electrical News April 2018 Edition

Before and After - Our Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Electrical Before 1Dry Ice Electrical After 1
Dry Ice blasting BeforeDry Ice Blasting After

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Sparks Electrical News

April 2018 Edition

Dry Ice International


What is Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a safe and effective way to clean both machinery and surfaces. By propelling dry ice pellets at high speeds, we provide dry ice blasting that is less abrasive than sand blasting and highly effective. (Sand blasting is an abrasive, surface preparation process whereas Dry Ice blasting is a cleaning process that does not alter the surface being cleaned)

Dry Ice Blasting is a dry-cleaning method. Therefore, even delicate parts like switch boards and other electric components can be cleaned gently. There is no moisture and no residual media left behind. Dry ice pellets sublimate immediately after impact on the surface. Therefore, the time and costs associated with disposal of blasting media are eliminated.

Unlike other blasting media, the CO2 / dry ice particles have a very low temperature of -78.5°C.  Because of the temperature differential between the dry ice particles and the surface being treated, a phenomenon known as "fracking" or thermal shock can occur. As a material's temperature decreases, the material becomes embrittled, enabling the particle impact to break-up the coating.

Because Dry Ice Blasting is virtually non-abrasive it is an ideal solution to clean busbars and other equipment where surface finishes should not be altered. This means that in comparison to traditional blasting methods with sand or glass beads, the cleaned surfaces are not damaged or altered.

Dry Ice Blasting is ecologically friendly, no residual blasting media needs to be disposed of and no solvents or chemicals are used.

We offer a comprehensive product range of dry ice cleaning solutions.

Contact: Dry Ice International

Tel: 012  810 0500

Web:   www.dryice.co.za