Industrial Painting

What Is Industrial Painting?

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It’s the application of surface covering: preserving, protecting and functionally enhancing untreated and treated surfaces and structures including all required pretreatments. Industrial paint has two purposes:

  • Provides a protective coating against chemical and physical attack
  • Gives the product a pleasant appearance that increases its value

Industrial painting considerably extends the life of objects and buildings. It contributes to the reliability, safety and availability of the painted surface and serves sustainability and the environment in general. Preparation is usually the key to long lasting applications. The process tends to be easier if paint was not applied previously, otherwise a removal of the existing coat is required, making use of sand, sponge or dry ice blasting.

Industrial paint can be used to protect metal, wood, and a variety of other materials and surfaces. Various characteristics depend on the ingredients of the paint and the performance specifications of the selected application. Application methods can also influence the quality of the paint coverage and determine how well paint will stick to the surface.

How Does Industrial Painting Work?

Industrial paint can be applied to various structures that can be aggressively cleaned. It is essential to blast before painting, because the removal of all rust is of supreme importance in providing a long-term corrosion resistance system.

Various paint systems may be used, including inorganic and organic zinc-rich primers and zinc phosphates, epoxies, epoxy tars, alkyds, acrylics, vinyl, enamels and polyurethanes.

Painting is done under cover to ensure that the blasted surface does not rust before painting. Blasted surfaces can begin to rust or become contaminated within 4 hours.

When surface preparation and painting is done outside, the clean steel starts to rust immediately, especially if humidity levels are high. 

Therefore painting needs to be done immediately after surface preparation in order for it to be successful and long lasting.

The overall quality of painting under cover is better due to less interference from the wind, dust, rain and general contamination from the environment. This ensures that the required thickness is accomplished within the necessary time span and that the paint dries without accumulation of dirt and dust in the coating.

  • Providing protection to various surface areas
  • Extending service life
  • Extending the life of your industrial assets
  • Improving the look of a structure
  • Cost saving in the long run
  • Low initial cost
  • Fast application
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Problems such as rust and corrosion can be prevented with the proper surface preparation and painting systems
  • Storage tanks, chemical tanks, and water tanks – inside and out
  • Farm tanks
  • Towers and water towers
  • Silos, grain silos and cement silos
  • Grain elevators
  • Factories
  • Pipelines
  • Pipes
  • Power plants
  • Tugboats, ships and barges
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