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Established in 1986, Cold Jet has been developing dry ice blasters for decades, and so holds more than 100 international patents on much of the blasting technology available today. Cold Jet expanded dramatically in January 2016, when it acquired Danish firm IceTech. The combined company now offers the largest range of dry ice blasters in the world, with a worldwide footprint that aims to deliver blasters, their parts and services to any part of the world on relatively short notice.

Cold Jet is based in Ohio, USA, and employs the largest number of engineers of any dry ice blasting company on earth. The company has a very large assembly plant directly adjacent to their Ohio headquarters, which was upgraded to include state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly machinery in 2009. Cold Jet has a very large and well-funded research division, which is dedicated to developing dry ice blasting, storage and management technology to meet current industrial needs. The company has developed a series of stratified product ranges, where each serves a particular purpose and every model within each range caters to a certain sector of the market. Their ranges span a total of eight different blasting machines and eight dry ice production systems and units. For their blasters, more than 40 different nozzles are available, ensuring that every custom application is covered by at least one Cold Jet product combination.

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The baseline range of Cold Jet blasters includes four models: the SDI Select 60, the Elite 20, the Xcel 6 and the Xtreme 40. All of these are relatively small dry ice blasters, with all of them except the SDI Select 60 being manufactured by their subsidiary, Icetech. These models are detailed in the Icetech section. Cold Jet’s own SDI Select 60 is a small blaster that is designed to be adjustable from very light to heavy-duty blasting, through its pressure being adjustable between 20 and 250 PSI. In addition, the built-in hopper holds more than 27kg of dry ice, allowing for extended periods of dry ice blasting without interruption. It is also unique in that it can be fed with blocks or even scraps of dry ice, since it has a built-in shaving device that prepares the contained dry ice for blasting internally. It is an affordable and versatile blaster that is made to be perfectly at home in any industrial setting.

The Cold Jet Aero range is a series of dry ice blasters, ranging from the small Aero model to the mid-sized Aero 40FP and the large Aero 80FP. The even larger Aero C100 was added to the range at a later stage. All four are built with tough materials that are made to withstand the realities of harsh industrial environments, as well as large tyres that make them highly mobile and manoeuvrable, even in tough environments. They all come with built-in aerodynamic loading, which reduces wear and tear on the pads and rotor. This feature, along with other durability innovations, dramatically extend the lifespan of the blaster, reducing costs to the users and ultimately leading to higher returns on investment. The four Aero blasting machines come with varying levels of customisability and number of accessories, to suit any client’s budget. The top-of-the-range Aero C100 holds up to 45.5kg of dry ice and has the most powerful blasting motor in its class, making it a very high-capacity and adaptable blaster. It has a unique, patented feeder system design that guarantees that clogging is eliminated during operation.

Where a small blasting unit is sufficient for less regular or light use, the i3 MicroClean is a compact single-hose blaster that is highly reliable. It is fed with blocks of dry ice, which are processed internally by its built-in ice shaving and processing unit. It can hold up to 9.1kg of dry ice at a time, allowing for up to 45 minutes of continuous light blasting. It does not have built-in wheels, but it does have a separate transport cart – it is made for permanent installation on factory floors and on production lines where it is integrated into the manufacturing process. To maximise efficiency and ensure the longevity of the machine, it has a built-in internal blast air filter, which reduces the negative effects that contaminated air has on dry ice and the blasting process overall.

Cold Jet also manufactures a range of nine dry ice production units, with two ranges and two individual models. The industrial P-range and the lighter PR-range cover most industries’ needs, while the two single models are reformers to slice dry ice pellets or blocks into slices that are viable for active use. The P-range includes the P325/P650, the P1500 and the P300 Pelletizers. The smallest in the range, the P325/P650, produces 136kg of dry ice per hour, and is upgradeable to generate up to 273kg per hour. It is designed to have a flexible manufacturing capacity to meet a growing business’ demands over time, eliminating the need to purchase additional machinery over time.

The larger P1500 has the capacity to produce nearly 550kg of dry ice per hour, while the P3000 is a four-barrel, high-capacity dry ice production unit that can produce over a ton of dry ice every hour. The P1500 and P3000 are designed to run 24 hours a day if necessary. The P3000 has the option to run two or four barrels, depending on the client’s dry ice volume needs at any given time. This optimises efficiency and dramatically reduces waste. Finally, the R3000 and SL1000H models are dry ice reformers, turning pellets and scrap pieces into slices that are more easily stored and preserved. Both models are compact enough to not take up too much floor space in an industrial setting, offering a convenient solution to clients who would like greater efficiency when dry ice is an integral part of the operational process.

Selected Cold Jet blasting machines are available in South Africa, and Dry Ice International can service and repair the machines locally, for your convenience. Contact us for pricing details or enquiries about importing Cold Jet’s blasters, accessories or equipment.

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