IceTech is a Danish dry ice blasting company, specialising in blasting technology that is shipped the world over. Having begun with their efforts to develop their own blasters in 1998, the company placed a heavy focus on having a global reach. The company so far has 30 distribution points around the world, with regional headquarters for the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa/Middle-East. The company was acquired by Cold Jet in January 2016. IceTech started as a cleaning contractor, using dry ice blasting machines made by other international producers, but found that the technology was inadequate and unreliable. This turned their focus to blaster manufacturing, finding new ways to develop blasters that can stand up to the harsh environments and tough conditions that dry ice blasting excels in. The company describes its background in contract cleaning as a massive advantage in understanding the needs of their market, and this understanding has translated into major advances in blasting technology that are much more suited to the real-world applications in which they are used.

[expand title="Read more"] Because of their global footprint, IceTech is one of the few companies that offers to proactively ensure that service and maintenance spare parts for their blasting machines can be shipped anywhere in the world within 24 hours. The company has an expanding sales and demonstration team which can be available in most parts of the world. IceTech’s blaster machines and automated robotic production line units have been distributed to a number of countries around the world, making them a truly global business. Currently, IceTech has two main lines of blasting machines and two production line units which are on offer to the public. Both dry ice blaster lines have been developed with a specific task and market in mind, and are meant to be versatile and easily mobile. The Iceblast Line currently contains only one model, the KG6. This model is designed for light blasting applications, ideal for companies that have smaller dry ice blasting jobs that are not highly frequent. The KG6 is small and compact, using significantly less pressurised air and dry ice than larger blasting machines. It comes with a 5 metre long, 1/2″ diameter blasting hose, making it a highly effective option for small, close-proximity jobs. The blasting nozzle gun also comes with the option of having a light attachment added. The built-in, insulated dry ice container holds 6 kilograms of dry ice, which is ideal for preventing mass sublimation of large amounts of dry ice while the machine is in use. The Evolution Line includes two current models, both designed to be adaptable for light blasting as well as heavy duty cleaning. They are powered by electrical motors (and so require power input), which are meant to increase the torque of the blasting and so improve the machine’s effectiveness. The built-in holding container for the dry ice is also fully insulated and sealed, which reduces dry ice sublimation and wastage. Both models are also made with a tough stainless steel frame, which increases the longevity and durability of the blasters. Both also come with the option to switch over to air-only blasting, when dry ice is either not available or not necessary. IceTech currently offers its Iceblast and Evolution lines for retail to the public.

  • The Elite 20 model – a single hose blaster with a 20 litre built-in dry ice hopper, this machine is ideal for small to medium applications. The machine comes with a ¾” diameter and 10 metre long blasting hose, a blasting gun with an optional light attachment and a 10 metre electrical cable. The Elite 20 is fitted with solid rubber wheels which are ideally suited to factory floors or smoothed areas where blast cleaning must be carried out in different locations.
  • The Xtreme 34 model – this blaster is larger and more robust, designed for heavy-duty dry ice blasting. The machine has a 40 litre built-in dry ice hopper, made to keep the supply of dry ice continuous in larger jobs, leading to reductions in time wastage with having to refill the hopper often. It is also fitted with pneumatic tyres, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Xtreme 34 blaster is fitted with a ¾” diameter and 10 metre long blasting hose, a blasting gun with an optional light attachment and a 10 metre electrical cable.

In addition to dry ice blasters, IceTech also manufactures automated dry ice production and blasting equipment with partial and full automation. These machines combine dry ice production and pelletising with blasting mechanisms that can be installed on production lines or in plants with high dry ice blasting traffic needs. These units are ideal for ensuring that production lines are capable of removing manufacturing residue, contaminants or human elements such as fingerprints. They are easily integrated into existing production lines, since they are compact, easy to transport and simple to install. The COMBI 75 automated system includes a dry ice production unit and pelletiser that can produce up to 75kg of 3mm dry ice pellets per hour, fed by an attached supply of liquid carbon dioxide. The COMBI 75 also includes a built-in blasting unit, to which IceTech’s blasting hoses and nozzles can be attached (either a 5 metre or 10 metre blasting hose). The COMBI 75 can also be integrated with an automated robotic blast cleaning system, with the option to attach multiple blasting hoses if necessary. The Icetech RoboBlast is a fully-automated robotic unit that can be readily integrated into industrial production lines. It is an adapted dry ice blasting unit that is made for permanent installation, with the option for air blasting included in cases where dry ice is either not available or unnecessary. The RoboBlast unit does not include a dry ice production and pelletising unit, however, which the COMBI 75 does. The RoboBlast unit must be fed with dry ice manually or with an additional separate pelletiser. Selected IceTech blasting machines are available in South Africa, and Dry Ice International can service and repair the machines locally, for your convenience. Contact us for pricing details or enquiries about importing IceTech’s blasters, accessories or equipment.