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Intelblast IBL3000

The Intelblast IBL3000 is a medium-sized dry ice blaster that was designed specifically for narrow factory spaces – its width has been reduced to just 400mm, making it even narrower than the smaller IBLmini.


Intelblast Mini

The IBL Mini is the ideal choice for those companies, who would like to have the opportunity to clean small parts and surfaces, without having the usual constraint for a high air flow compressor. Daily maintenance on processing equipment and electronics or the occasional cleaning of parts is easily carried out with the IBL Mini.

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Like its larger counterpart, the IB 7/40 Classic also has built-in storage areas for attachments, nozzles and the hose, as well as a convenient hopper that can hold up to 15kg of dry ice.

cryonomic for sale

Cryonomic COB62

The COB range is light and easy to transport, and comes in four varieties. The COB62 and COB62 Plus machines are smaller for more difficult-to-reach applications.

cab51 for sale

Cryonomic CAB52

The CAB series is designed to operate as a two-hose system: a pellet hose at low pressure and a blast hose at high pressure.

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The Cold Jet Aero range is a series of dry ice blasters, ranging from the small Aero model to the mid-sized Aero 40FP and the large Aero 80FP.

icetech for sale

IceTech KG20

The IceBlast KG20S Battery is suitable for companies that have a limited number of short cleaning tasks. It is supplied complete with an ergonomic blasting gun and 5 m hose.

t-bl60 for sale

Triventek T-3

The TRIBLAST-3 BL60 is a compact but powerful single-hose blasting unit. Various dry ice pellet sizes can be used with the TRIBLAST-3 BL60.

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ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology means powerful yet gentle cleaning of all kinds of surface

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