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German manufacturer Kärcher has produced high-end equipment since 1935, turning to blast cleaning in 1950. With more than 100 subsidiaries worldwide, the company is represented across most of the world. Kärcher entered the dry ice blasting industry when the potential for the technology became clear, and so the company’s blasting technology has developed significantly over the years.

The company produces a range of blasting machines as well as pelletisers, so clients are able to produce their own dry ice without having to rely on delayed delivery services. Kärcher’s focus is on building compact dry ice blasters and pelletisers, making them suitable for a wider range of industries that have adopted their technology over the years.

  • The Ice Blaster IB 7/40 Classic, which Dry Ice International sells, is a smaller blaster than the IB 15/120. It still delivers high-power blasting, however, with it containing the same airflow-optimising technology that is present in the larger IB 15/120. Like its larger counterpart, the IB 7/40 Classic also has built-in storage areas for attachments, nozzles and the hose, as well as a convenient hopper that can hold up to 15kg of dry ice. Depending on the setting, it can use between 15 and 50 kilograms of dry ice per hour of continuous operation, making it ideal for light- to medium-intensity blast cleaning jobs. Since it is relatively small in size, it can be used easily in smaller factories and areas where space is constricted, particularly where walkways are not very wide
Dry Ice Blasting Services

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