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Based in Denmark, Intelblast is a manufacturer of a variety of types of blasting machines that make use of dry ice, water, air and abrasive agents for various applications. Intelblast focuses on creating tough and high-power blasting machines, designed to tackle more demanding or challenging tasks. The company has outlets and distributors in 30 countries, defining them as an international leader in dry ice blasting technology. Intelblast’s dry ice blasters in particular are amongst the world’s most powerful, offering unique technology solutions to a number of clients worldwide. Part of their strength lies in that the parts used are manufactured by major names in technology, such as Schneider, Siemens, Festo and more. This makes sourcing parts easier throughout the world, with the possibility of having the machines serviced quicker for enhanced uptime. Enlisting the use of parts by large manufacturers also ensures more consistent quality of the blasters, since these companies have long histories of producing quality parts and their highly-regarded reputations are welcome additions to that of Intelblast. Four blasters make up Intelblast’s range, each with unique features and characteristics that have made them ideal for individual sets of scenarios and applications. Three of them are specifically dry ice blasters, while the fourth is an abrasive blaster that can be used in conjunction with a dry ice blaster for enhanced efficiency. All of Intelblast’s blasters have been designed after careful consideration and feedback from clients, and so they are shaped and built with real-world factors in mind.

  • The Intelblast Mini (IBLmini) is a lightweight and compact dry ice blaster, best suited to areas and applications that require blasting on small surfaces that might be hard to reach. The IBLmini weighs only 29kg, making it supremely portable – a feature that is enhanced by the fact that it is on wheels and comes with an extendable handle. The IBLmini is used frequently in factories and on production lines where equipment or production accessories need to be cleaned every now and then to maximise uptime and reduce the need for expensive cleaning contractors who use abrasive chemicals or take time to carry out their services on-site. Its built-in dry ice containing hopper holds up to 8kg of dry ice, with the machine capable of blasting between 10kg and 30kg of dry ice per hour, depending on the setting and application. Coming equipped with a 5 metre blasting hose, the IBLmini is ideal for small spaces and close proximity blasting needs. The blaster comes standard with two blasting gun nozzles of choice: a 3mm, 4mm and 5mm nozzle are available.
  • The IBL3000 is a medium-sized dry ice blaster that was designed specifically for narrow factory spaces – its width has been reduced to just 400mm, making it even narrower than the smaller IBLmini. It is more powerful, however, and has a larger capacity for dry ice containment in its hopper: up to 25kg of dry ice can be held in its sealed hopper, allowing for extended periods of uninterrupted usage. The control interface has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with no parts sticking out on the sides in order to maintain its narrow profile and reduce the risk of damage while in the course of operation. The IBL3000 is a slightly stripped-down version of the larger IBL4000, making the IBL3000 significantly more affordable. Many ‘convenience’ options which are standard on the IBL4000 have been made optional on the smaller IBL3000, offering clients more price flexibility when considering the introduction of dry ice blasting in their business settings.
  • The IBL4000 is Intelblast’s largest and most powerful dry ice blaster, the culmination of the company’s decades of experience in blasting technology. A number of sensors have been built into the IBL4000, and with Intelblast’s advanced remote control technology, the settings can be adjusted by the blasting technician to precisely what the task requires without having to cease operations and adjust controls on the machine itself. This allows for much greater working efficiency and enhanced user-friendliness for the technicians who use the blaster. The blasting hose, too, has been made and reinforced with specially-made couplings that maintain the diameter at a consistent one inch; this reduces damage to or destruction of the dry ice pellets, making it a much faster cleaning option with reduced dry ice wastage. The IBL4000 comes standard with two blasting gun nozzles – a short and a long one – with three inserts of the client’s choice, ranging in size from 4mm to 10mm, depending on the intended application and predicted real-world use. All of the attachments, nozzles and guns that can be used on the IBL4000 can be stored in a built-in toolbox, which keeps the blaster and all of its components together at all times. In addition, the built-in and removable dry ice hopper can hold up to 25kg of dry ice, while the blaster itself uses between 25 and 90kg of dry ice per hour in blasting operations, depending on the setting used.
  • The IBLabrasive blaster does not use dry ice as its primary blasting medium; instead, it is a standard blaster that uses an abrasive agent such as lava or granite for more intensive projects that require the removal of stubborn contaminants. The IBLabrasive has been designed for mobility and convenience, and so has been fitted with a diesel compressor and motor, eliminating the need for long electrical cables. It is popular on restoration and construction sites as well as remote areas where electrical infrastructure is not yet in place. The IBLabrasive is popular where heavy-duty blasting is needed for things such as rust removal, paint stripping, restoration of wood and stone after fire damage, façade cleaning and blast cleaning of boats and marine machinery. Its use can be coupled with that of a dry ice blaster, minimising the required volumes of abrasive agent which can be costly – doing initial blasting with an abrasive agent and continuing less intensive segments with dry ice is a highly efficient and more affordable practice.

Selected Intelblast blasting machines are available in South Africa, and Dry Ice International can service and repair the machines locally, for your convenience. Contact us for pricing details or enquiries about importing Intelblast’s blasters, accessories or equipment.