Cryonomic COB 62

The COB range is light and easy to transport, and comes in four varieties. The COB62 and COB62 Plus machines are smaller for more difficult-to-reach applications. The COB71 and COB71R models are larger and more powerful. All of these are single-hose blasters that come with the gun and an optional range of accessories, including nozzle attachment sets, gun lights for easy illumination of darker blasting surfaces, an abrasive module and a pellet crusher.

The optional abrasive module allows for an abrasive agent to be mixed with the dry ice in order to achieve specific aims, such as surface roughening, stubborn material removal, paint stripping, rust removal and so on. The abrasive agent for these blasters comes in a variety of grain sizes, from 0.1mm to 2mm, depending on the application it is to be used for and what the desired effect is. This abrasive agent is supplied by Cryonomic Belgium.

  • low air consumption
  • powerful cleaning performance
  • ergonomic design: light and easy manipulation
  • best price/performance ratio on the market

Media used 3mm
Supply operation Electrical
Air supply pipe size 3/4 – 1″
Pipe length 5m
Nozzles Range of nozzels.
Gun Easy changeable nozzels
Hose configuration Double hose
Air quality Dry and oil free
Control Panel On/off switch
Pellet feed Adjustable
20 – 105 kg/hr
Operation Trigger Operated
Type of wheel rear Medium
Type of wheel front Small castor
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 860 x 400 x 560
Weight 81kg
Hopper capacity 20kg
Required air supply pressure 1 – 16 bar

Cryonomic CAB 52 Brochure

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