Dry Ice International stocks the ICEsonic IS75, designed to work optimally even in harsh environments. Its robust design and innovative incorporation of a large dry ice hopper makes it ideal for difficult and hard-to-reach blasting projects. It is fully pneumatic, and so the lack of electrical cables makes it supremely mobile. It has a double hose attachment, and is compatible with the ICEsonic DRY ICE+ abrasive additive module for more intensive blasting projects that require greater power and blasting ability. It has been designed to be as low-maintenance as possible, with active anti-clogging technology to prevent interruptions during use.

Based in Croatia, ICEsonic is a relative newcomer to the dry ice blasting scene, having been operating for less than two decades. The company came about as a result of the need for more affordable dry ice blasting technology, since current blasters are often prohibitively expensive. Their focus is on creating blasters that are supremely mobile, lightweight and feature only the most essential technologies. These principles have made their blasters robust and durable, as well as affordable to operate and maintain. Despite having been around only since 2000, ICEsonic has already won numerous awards for its innovative use of technology to build affordable dry ice blasters. Their manufacturing facility in Nova Gradiška, Croatia, is equipped with state-of-the-art laser cutting, welding, 3D modelling and CNC machining modules to produce precisely-made and consistent blasting machines that are built tough.

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ICEsonic claims that, as a result of their centralised and high-tech manufacturing process, their dry ice blasters are 30% to 50% more affordable than their competitors. Their lightweight blasters range from just 28kg for their lightest machine to 75kg for their largest; this is a significantly lighter weight range than other international dry ice blaster manufacturers. Because of their size and weight, ICEsonic blasters are designed to be manoeuvrable enough that they can be used to blast clean some machinery and equipment while it is still operating.

ICEsonic produces a range of single- and double-hose blasters (and their accessories), as well as a dry ice reformer and an air treatment unit. While other manufacturers produce certain blasters that can be used with dry ice and an abrasive additive, ICEsonic offers a unit that can be attached to the front of any one of their blasters as an abrasive addition unit; this makes ICEsonic blasters dramatically more versatile than their competitors.

The unit, called the ICEsonic DRY ICE+, makes use of 15% to 20% abrasive added to the normal dry ice used in a blaster, which improves the effectiveness of the blast cleaning operation while maintaining very low dust emissions and abrasive waste. The unit adds the abrasive agent to the dry ice as it is transported through the hose, so it is mixed just before being blasted onto the target surface; this maintains the integrity and purity of the dry ice as long as possible and avoids contamination and future clogging. The DRY ICE+ attachment is ideal for surface preparation, rust removal, graffiti cleaning, light sandblasting and more. Also, because many of ICEsonic’s dry ice blasters are fully pneumatic and so require no electricity supply, the company has created the AT-160 air treatment unit, which attaches to a compressed air source and increases the quality of the air dramatically. Compressed air is often hot, wet and oily, and the AT-160 cools and purifies the air to optimise the blaster’s cleaning efficacy. Cleaner, cooler air makes blast cleaning faster and more efficient, reducing the amount of time required for a job.

ICEsonic also offers the ISP100 Dry Ice Reformer, which is a unique product in the industry. It does not produce dry ice pellets from a liquid carbon dioxide source, like pelletisers from other manufacturers; instead, it requires blocks of ready-made dry ice which can be stored for extended periods, which are then fed through the unit and compressed, then turned into pellets for use in dry ice blasting machines. The ISP100 Reformer is economical and offers an alternative method of dry ice pellet production, particularly to businesses which are unable to afford large and more complex pelletiser units. In terms of production volume, the design of the ISP100 allows for the production of up to 100kg per hour of standard 3mm pellets, and that volume can increase with larger pellet sizes.

There are a number of dry ice blaster machines available from ICEsonic. Two industrial single-hose blasters make up the core of their offering: the IS 75S and the similarly sized IS 77S. The main operational difference between them is that the IS 75S is fully pneumatic, and so requires no electrical power source while the other does require electricity. The pneumatic IS 75S has a larger dry ice storage capacity, at 25kg, compared to the 20kg that can be held in the electrical IS 77S. These two blasters are built to serve unique needs in the dry ice blasting sphere, where the option of a pneumatically-powered blaster allows for operations in more remote areas, or where longer-distance mobility is a necessity.

The smaller SMART blaster is designed for less intensive use, with its small hopper holding just 5kg of dry ice for smaller jobs. It has a shorter hose than other ICEsonic models, too, making it more suited to close-proximity blasting in light industrial settings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Mighty E blaster is one of the most powerful dry ice blasters by ICEsonic: with its 25kg hopper and high blasting power, it is designed for optimum mobility and adaptability to most dry ice blasting projects. It is also compatible with the DRY ICE+ unit for more intensive abrasive blasting needs. It is equipped with large wheels with pneumatic tyres to make it mobile even on very difficult terrain, and weighing in at just 28kg, the machine is unique amongst blasters the world over. The Might E blaster has won international awards for its innovative design and weight-saving technology, enabling the use of dry ice blasting under very difficult circumstances.

Selected ICEsonic blasting machines are available in South Africa, and Dry Ice International can service and repair the machines locally, for your convenience. Contact us for pricing details or enquiries about importing ICEsonic’s blasters, accessories or equipment.