From delicate cleaning to aggressive coating removal, Sponge Blasting provides an almost dust-free solution to sand blasting. Using closed-cell urethane sponge granules which contain an abrasive aluminium oxide, it is a dry, safe and low-dust process to strip exterior paint or create a profile on a steel surface.

How does Sponge blasting work?

  • Compressed air propels sponge media to the surface.
  • Upon impact, sponge media absorbs collision energy and flattens on the surface. When the abrasive aluminium oxide is exposed to the surface, the contaminants are removed. The coating is removed, leaving the required profile on the substrate.
  • The sponge media entraps most airborne dust.

  • Sponge media contains different sizes and grades of abrasives for use on various surfaces.
  • Dry Ice International’s professional blasting technicians will carefully select the best sponge media to comply with client–specific requirements.
  • Air requirements: 6-10 m3/min (200-350 cfm) at 7 bar (100 psi).

Power Stations and Sub Stations

Power stations require a non-conductive, environmentally responsible cleaning process which allows for equipment to be cleaned in-situ.

General Maintenance

Removing rust on steel surfaces creates a desired profile prior to the application of paint.

Vehicle Restoration and Panel Beaters

Removing rust prepares steel surfaces for painting of bodywork.

Civil Engineering

Removing process stains, graffiti, environmental pollutants and soot from concrete buildings, bridges and other structures means sponge blasting is an excellent method for cleaning building façades and for interior refurbishing.


Aircraft maintenance specialists use sponge blasting to remove paint coatings, layer-by-layer, without damaging sensitive metallic or composite substrates.

Nuclear Power Generation; Reactor Coolant Piping and Turbine Rotors

Ideal for nuclear decontamination and general industrial coating and rust removal.

  • Low dust emissions.
  • Low ricochet and clear visibility.
  • Reduced need for dust suppression and on-site dust extraction.
  • Greater operator safety – low abrasive rebound, low dust.
  • Dry surface preparation.
  • Enhanced surface cleaning and chloride removal from steel.
  • The option to create a surface profile of 5-100 microns on steel.
  • Replace mechanical cleaning tools for faster and easier treatment of curved surfaces with a near-perfect finish.
  • The process is dry and non-conductive, and therefore suitable for use on electric motors and electrical circuitry.
  • The sponge media is 95% recyclable, providing the following benefits:.
    • Reduced waste
    • Simplified clean-up procedures
    • Simplified clean-up procedures
    • Reduced impact on the environment
    • Reduced waste disposal
Chilled Iron 100+ Removal of the thickest coatings with greatest profile.
Aluminium Oxide 14/24 100 Removal of multi-layer coatings from steel or where greater profile is required prior to application of high tech composite coatings.
Aluminium Oxide 30/40 70 Removal of multi-layer coatings where a 75 micron profile on steel is required.
Aluminium Oxide 40/60 60 Removal of 2 or 3 layer coatings.
Aluminium Oxide 60/80 50 Removal of 1 or 2 layer coatings on steel or fibreglass or weld cleaning prior to coating.
Aluminium Oxide 80/100 40 For more delicate work on wood or stonework or on virgin steel for cleaning.
Aluminium Oxide 90/150 20 Selective coating removal where small profile required.
Aluminium Oxide 150/240 15 Selective coating removal where smaller profile required or for surface cleaning operations.
Aluminium Oxide 320 10 Selective coating removal on delicate substrates such as fibreglass or carbon fibre.
Aluminium Oxide 500 5 For very delicate cleaning on eg. turbines where minimal surface coating removal is required.
Glass Bead 60/100 5 For cleaning or cosmetic finishing where a shiny surface is required.
Pink Cleaning Grade 5 For delicate removal of contamination, soot, smoke, liquids etc from steel, concrete or stone surfaces.

Sponge Blasting Brochure

Download the Sponge Blasting Brochure here